Video SEO

Boost traffic to your site with Wistia’s video SEO

Wistia’s embed codes are designed to automatically optimize the videos on your site for search engines. If you host your videos on Wistia, we’ll inject the video metadata into your web page’s header to direct traffic to your site.

Boost traffic to your site with Wistia’s video SEO

We make sure that your videos get indexed on all major search engines, with links back to your website - not to YouTube or Vimeo. Wistia is the only video hosting platform designed with the needs of SEO-conscious marketers in mind.

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No setup required

Wistia completely automates video SEO, so there’s no extra work after you embed your video. Just copy and paste the Standard Wistia embed code, and we’ll take it from there. No sitemap, no extra code, we do all the work.


Crafted by SEO experts, for SEO experts

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With some behind-the-scenes JavaScript that is a part of every Wistia embed code, we inject some JSON-LD metadata into your web page’s header.
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This metadata includes the video title, description, and transcripts, which all help your video rank higher in Google or Bing.
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Our JSON-LD file doesn’t interfere with other JSON on your site and will be injected every time.
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Automatic transcript injection

Search bots can only read text, so Google’s algorithm loves video transcripts. If you embed a Wistia video with captions onto your page, we’ll automatically inject the transcript via JSON for an additional SEO boost.

Metadata means better ranking

Nothing can be guaranteed in the world of SEO. But we can guarantee that your embedded Wistia videos will be crawled by search engines. The title, description, and thumbnail that you choose will be included in your page’s metadata, which helps determine how your page ranks.
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Want to see it in action?

Type “Standard Embed” into Google Video search, and you’ll see a Wistia blog video indexed with a thumbnail. You can even run that video’s page through Google’s Structured Data Tool, and you’ll find the video object and its metadata as indexed by Google.

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