Our Company Values

We love building great products! We don’t make the cheapest products, and we’re not going to solve all your problems with an all-in-one platform. We believe the best products are those that are simple, elegant, and easy to use. We refer to this as product leadership.

Our values exist to help everyone at Wistia make decisions that build a lasting product leadership company.

When making a decision at Wistia, all four of our values should be considered. We discourage assessing a decision through the lens of only a single value.

Long-Term Company Thinking 🤔

Our mission is to make business more human. This is not a mission that can be accomplished in a few years — it’s something we will work on for many decades to come, which is why we care so much about long-term thinking and decision-making. Decisions and efforts that prioritize the long-term success of our company have an outsized impact on our individual careers, our culture, the financial health of our business, and ultimately our ability to achieve our mission.

  • We encourage putting the company’s needs above those of a team or individual.
  • We encourage actions that yield compounding benefits, even if short-term benefits are modest.
  • We encourage extra effort to make work more inclusive, fun, and engaging.
  • We encourage urgency and action-bias for compounding long-term benefits.
  • We encourage risk taking in the service of outsized future returns.
  • We support employees in building long, happy, fulfilling careers at Wistia.
  • We discourage shortcuts that are detrimental to the long term.

Creativity 💡

As a product leadership company, our customers rely on us to look at problems differently and solve them in ways that they had never conceived. Likewise, our brand and end-to-end customer experience are built on serving customers in creative and delightful ways.

  • We encourage consistent rethinking and reframing of our core problems in creative ways.
  • We encourage a proactive approach in soliciting diverse perspectives in order to solve problems.
  • We discourage superficial creativity: doing something novel that doesn’t clearly benefit the business or reflect our values.
  • We discourage settling for “best practices” and “good enough” in places where we should be innovating.

Presentation 🖼

Product leadership demands an aspirational brand, and we take pride in holding ourselves to a high aesthetic standard. The experience of our customers is heightened by our relentless attention to detail: the typefaces we use on our website, the subtle animations in our products, the tone we use in our emails, and the focus we put on creating a remarkable customer experience.

  • We encourage extra effort to make things beautiful.
  • We encourage the creation of elegant customer experiences.
  • We encourage a clean and well-designed office space.
  • We discourage things that look good but lack substance.

Simplicity ✂️

We strive for simplicity in all things: our product, our marketing, our processes, our business model, our office space. It’s easy to layer on complexity, but achieving simplicity requires ruthless editing. The result is solutions that are beautiful in their efficiency and clarity, easier to understand wholly, easier to translate to different situations and scales, and easier to change later.

  • We encourage working hard to get to a simple solution, even if one doesn’t come to fruition.
  • We encourage projects that are well scoped.
  • We encourage those who prioritize simplicity for our customers above our own.
  • We discourage complicated solutions in product, design, and process.
  • We discourage artificial simplicity: things that appear simple but aren’t well-thought-out or holistically simple.