Responsive, Lightweight and SEO friendly video for your website

We’re proud to offer the most reliable and customizable video embeds on the market.


Lighten your load time

Wistia’s standard embeds load asynchronously, which means that when your page is loading, the video player and all of your video’s SEO metadata loads quietly in the background, without slowing down your site. Unlike videos embedded with an iframe, like those hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, Wistia videos will load more or less simultaneously with the rest of your page.

SEO with no setup required

All of our embeds automatically inject schema via JSON+LD onto your website, which does all the video SEO work for you. Our data is structured this way to benefit the SEO of our customers' websites, rather than our own platform. Sit back and relax while Wistia makes sure your videos rank well in Google search. As an added bonus, if you ever change your video’s title, for example, this data will update automatically, which means no manual work for you.

Wistia video SEO Image

Find the embed that’s right for you

Video should be incorporated into the design of your website. Embed a video inline with our standard embed or fallback iframe code, or make your videos “pop over” the rest of your content with our popover embed. It’s your choice!

Maintain the look and feel of your site

With our Customize feature, you can make changes to your video even after you embed it on your website. These changes will automatically be reflected wherever your video lives on the web. Plus, with our responsive embed codes, your site, along with your video, will look great across screens and devices of all sizes and shapes. Choose whether you’d like a responsive embed code, or a fixed size, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

Image of the look and feel of Wistia embeds

Need an oEmbed?

We thought you might. If your website happens to be hosted on WordPress, we’ve got you covered. You can set any embed code to be an oEmbed by simply checking a box.

Up your video marketing game