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Harness the power of video throughout your sales cycle

Create a polished video in seconds

Wistia allows anyone to record a high-quality video in seconds, using nothing but a laptop camera or a webcam.

Create a "video voicemail" to introduce yourself to new sales leads, a quick screencast to explain your product or service, or a personalized pitch video for prospects you're trying to close.


Empower your marketing team to generate qualified leads

Wistia’s Turnstile email collector allows you to customize an email gate and place it anywhere in the timeline of your video.

With an average conversion rate of 43% for mid-roll gates, Turnstile is the ideal tool for generating well-qualified leads and sending them straight to your CRM.

Insert videos into emails with the click of a button

Wistia for Chrome empowers you to easily insert thumbnails into Gmail emails. Fun fact: Wistia also enables video playback right from within an email when a lead’s email client allows for it.

With video thumbnails generating 3 times the click-through rate of typical sales and marketing emails, Wistia is a must-have tool for any cutting-edge sales team.

See who’s been watching your videos

Wistia’s heatmaps tell you exactly when someone has clicked play and how much of your video they’ve watched.

Individual viewer pages show you complete histories of each prospect’s viewing behaviors, so you can see which videos they’ve interacted with, and bring that insight into your calls and pitches.

Score leads based on playback data

Using our integrations with Marketo, Pardot, or HubSpot, you can automatically pipe viewing data into your marketing automation platform of choice.

By drilling down into how a prospect engaged with (and even rewatched) your video content, you can better understand that lead, and use that data to automatically create lead scoring campaigns.

"Incorporating webcams and video into our selling cadence saw a 15% decrease in our sales cycle, as well as a 30% lift in average deal size over a three-month period."


Joey Brown, Director of Sales, Emma

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