Create professional looking
sales videos in minutes

Soapbox is a Chrome extension that enables anyone to record,
edit, share, and measure presentation videos.

Built for prospecting,
with sales teams in mind

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create beautiful videos. Soapbox makes it so easy to record everything from presentations to pitch-decks, even dogs are getting in on the action.
Wistian recording a Soapbox video at a table

Beautiful transitions help
you stand out from the rest

Why choose between a talking head and screencast-style video when you can do both with Soapbox? Record your screen and your webcam simultaneously, then switch between the two to take advantage of the unique “split screen” view. Add a personal touch to any presentation, pitch-deck, or screencast, by showcasing your friendly face.

Optimized for
playback everywhere

Soapbox uniquely uses HTML and JavaScript to deliver video transitions, rather than traditional compositing. That means you can change your video even after you’ve shared it, and it’ll automatically update across every platform and device.

Capture attention
with custom thumbnails

Snap a unique photo or choose any frame from your recording to create a click-worthy thumbnail. Make every video you create your own by changing the player and page color, and customizing the landing page—no developers required!

Plans to help you grow

Create and share unlimited videosUnlock premium features for distribution and measurementScale video creation across your whole team

Easily share your creations

Looking for instant gratification? Just copy and paste a link (and thumbnail) in an email and your video will be optimized for playback on every browser and device. If you’re ready to go places with your Soapbox video, export it to Wistia to take advantage of video marketing tools, or upgrade to download your video and share it on social media.

So what are you waiting for?

Clean up your act and get on your Soapbox.