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Wistia plus Zendesk

Give Your Support Team Superpowers

Easily add videos from your Wistia library into your tickets, and create more personal support responses. Measure the resolution time and customer satisfaction, and generate reports in a flash.


Bring everyone on board

Wistia for Zendesk gives your entire support team access to your library of videos from inside the editor window. Once you set up the integration, every rep will gain immediate access to the tool. No complex permissions or individual setups required.

Control the viewing experience

Upload a brand new video or select an existing one to add right into your Zendesk tickets. Adjust the video thumbnail size from within the editor window and choose the URL the video should link to. Depending on the message and your goals, you could send customers to product pages, documentation pages, or even the video's media page.

control the viewing experience

Save time with auto-tagging

Tracking the success of your team's video usage is easy with auto-tagging. Every ticket that includes a video is tagged to make reporting in Zendesk a breeze.

Learn about your audience with detailed analytics

Wistia's in-depth video analytics are also joining the party. Our email merge tags track recipients by their email addresses. Your team can check the video stats in Wistia to see which parts of their videos are watched, skipped, or rewatched.

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