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Personalize your recruitment marketing to attract the best talent

Showcase your company culture

Video is the ideal way to bring your workplace culture to life, and Wistia’s player allows you to put your brand front and center.

Customize the colors and controls to suit your needs, include a logo or watermark to make the player your own, and encourage shares on social media with share buttons.


Create job listings that stand out

Include videos in your job listings, and set yourself apart from your competition. Sell the company culture and the possibilities of the role, engage your target audience, and improve word of mouth about your opportunities.

Wistia makes it super easy to embed and share videos around the web, allowing you to cast a wide net in your search for the ideal hires.

Ensure the top candidates choose you

Nothing shows off the personality of your organization better than a custom outreach video.

Wistia empowers anyone to record a beautiful, high-quality video in seconds, using nothing but a laptop camera or a webcam. Outreach and follow-up videos will attract and impress your best candidates.

Share job offer videos securely

Wistia enables you to distribute video content privately. With our domain restrictions and password protection, you can rest assured that your video will only be seen by the audience you choose.

Create a quick video for that dream candidate, send it to them with Wistia for Chrome, and use our analytics to see exactly when your candidate has watched the video, and how much they've watched.

“As far as HR and recruiting goes, video really helped us pick up momentum when we were hurting for great hires but too small to compete for them. Recruiting competition is fierce. And while an amazing culture and a refreshing product secured the hires, video did a great job at getting their attention.”

Bamboo HR

Brenton Williamson, Creative Lead, BambooHR

We're proud to help companies like these use video to attract and hire the best candidates.

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