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  • Customizable player
  • CTAs and email gates
  • Password protection
  • Powerful APIs
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Put your own videos to work with these features

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Custom thumbnails

Pique your audience's interest. Upload the perfect photo, or choose a frame from your video.

No ads or related videos

Take full control of your viewer's experience with a distraction-free, professional player.

Interactive elements

Direct engaged viewers to the next step with a Call to Action, or collect their email addresses.

Easy embedding and seamless playback

Put videos on your website, send video thumbnails in your emails, or share your content on social media. Wistia's player automatically adapts to any screen and delivers up to 4K quality video.

Domain restriction

Take complete control over your videos by restricting the sites and domains where they can be embedded or played.

Responsive embeds

We automatically encode and deliver Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple resolutions for crystal clear video anytime, anywhere.

HD bandwidth detection

Our servers instantly measure each viewer's connection and deliver the best quality video with the least buffering possible.

Video SEO

Wistia's embeds use JSON-LD to ensure your videos rank for pages on your website, not for YouTube.com.

Actionable data on how your audience watches your content

Wistia's video analytics show you the story behind each view. Discover who's been watching your videos, how much of each video they've watched, and which videos are providing the most value to your business.

Detailed heatmaps of each view

Every view generates a heatmap, which shows exactly which parts of the video the viewer watched, skipped, and rewatched. Those dark orange spots kept 'em coming back for more!

Engagement graphs

How well did your video capture and hold your audience's attention as a whole? Engagement graphs aggregate your heatmaps to show you where people drop off and which content performs best.

IP filtering of video data

Filter out specific IP addresses, so your video analytics aren't affected by internal views and testing.

Viewer history tracking

Identify the most engaged prospects in your audience by tracking each viewer's behavior across all of your videos.

Google Analytics integration

Using Google Tag Manager or a GA script? Wistia automatically publishes video events to your Google Analytics account.

Advanced integrations

Want to really take advantage of all of the data Wistia collects? Pipe it into your CRM to score leads and more.

Organize your videos and collaborate with your team

Share internal or private videos

Selectively set permissions, so you can securely share internal videos and collaborate with your team.

Collect feedback on your videos

Share videos and analytics with the rest of your team (or clients), and collect their feedback with time-coded comments.

Easy drag-and-drop organization

Organize your videos according to your filmmaking workflow, your organizational structure, or whatever suits you!

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