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Teach, engage, and understand your audience

Wistia allows you to host your premium content, control who has access to it, see who has watched it, and measure how much they've watched.

Easily embed your videos on your site

Wistia provides a wide variety of reliable, customizable embed options. Choose whether your video should appear inline, or pop over your web page on click. Turn on SEO functionality to drive additional traffic to your site, and rest easy knowing all of your embeds are responsive in every environment.

Take complete control over who's able to view your content

Restrict embedding to specific domains, set permissions and passwords, or invite viewers to your account. You can even embed your videos behind a paywall. You're always in the driver's seat.

View direct, actionable data on how your videos are performing

Use Wistia Heatmaps to get a second-by-second look at how each viewer watched your video. See which parts of your video are most engaging, and which may be confusing to your audience. This information will help you tailor your message to your audience in future videos.

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"The reporting and analytics function is incredibly important for us. It's great to know where our audience re-watches parts of the video. If we know that someone has re-watched a part multiple times, that person is clearly interested in understanding that subject matter. That's a cue, telling us – make more content about that topic."

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