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Wistia transcodes your videos in seconds and stores variations in multiple bitrates and sizes. Once your work's on Wistia, whatever version you need is only a click away. Need some organization in your life? You can place videos in projects, add users, and control their permissions.

Start uploading your videos to Wistia, and stop spending a fortune on portable hard disks.

Streamline your review and approval processes

Wistia makes collaboration during the production process incredibly easy. Share your videos privately with clients and stakeholders, then source feedback with timecoded comments. When changes are made, you can upload a new version and replace the old one without touching any embed codes.

Control your video’s look and feel

Our Vulcan player is the lightest, fastest, and most adaptable player on the market. Customize the player color and controls to suit your needs, and include a watermark to put your brand front and center. Take control of how your audience consumes your content.


Add chaptering and interactive elements

Break your video into navigable chunks with chaptering, and use Turnstile, Annotations, and Calls to Action to make your viewer’s experience more interactive and engaging.


Your videos deserve the best possible playback quality

Wistia uses adaptive streaming to deliver the best quality video to any device with no buffering, all the way up to 4K at 11 mbps. We also support 360 video and most of the major VR platforms on the market.


Use actionable stats to improve your videos

Engagement graphs show you not only how much your viewers are typically watching, but also when they’re skipping and rewatching sections, so you can quickly see the most (and least) engaging parts of each video you’re making.

Heatmaps tell you exactly when a specific viewer has clicked play and how much of your video they’ve watched. Find out if your video resonated with specific audiences and demographics, or if your client reviewed your latest edit.

Never worry about accessibility or SEO again

Wistia automates all the complicated technical parts of video distribution, so you can spend your time doing the fun stuff. Order captions directly from within the product, and ensure structured SEO data is included in any page where the video is embedded with just the tick of a box.

"We love Wistia. We have total control over video and how our viewers experience it."


Ben Chestnut, Founder & CEO, MailChimp

We love making business more human through video, and we're so grateful to have companies like these on board!

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