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Integrate Wistia with your email marketing provider

We've developed over a dozen integrations with leading email marketing services, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, making it easier than ever to spice up your email campaigns with video. With our Turnstile email collector, you can generate leads right within the player, and automatically add new viewers to your email lists.


Add videos to your emails

Easily add dynamic video thumbnails to your emails, and boost your click-through rates. Choose an enticing image and a player color that matches your brand to make your email stand out in the inbox.

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Track views from your email campaigns

viewer with email address

If you’re using Wistia’s email merge tags, we’ll automatically log your viewers’ email addresses. When someone clicks on the video thumbnail in your email, Wistia will tag the viewing session with their contact information.


With heatmaps, you can identify your most engaged viewers and craft targeted messaging for your highest quality leads.

Collecting leads

Nothing can be guaranteed in the world of SEO. But we can guarantee that your embedded Wistia videos will be crawled by search engines. The title, description, and thumbnail that you choose will be included in your page's metadata, which helps determine how your page ranks.

Crawled by search engines!

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